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Kategorie: Composition

Snarbel Remix

My remix of „Snarbel“ by Bassfrucht. A track for the night time. Let’s have a walk in the forest at dusk!

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A little ambient track I made this morning, trying to imitate that warm tape sound. Starting with the bubbling sound of baking soda, sand and water the track slowly melts into a tiny Rhodes melody. Please use Headphones or a proper sound system!
Equipment: Aquarian Audio Hydrophone, Arturia Microbrute, Waldorf 4-pole, Hyve Touch Synth, Strymon Big Sky, Nord Piano 2HP, Ableton Live

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Broken Spring Piano

An early morning recording of me playing my completely detuned, prepared upright piano (springs, rubber). I liked the sound of birds in the background, so I left my studio window open.
Live recording, just slightly EQ’ed and compressed in Ableton Live.

Setup: Zimmermann Upright Piano prepared with strings and rubbers, AKG C214, Zoom H5, MotU Ultralite, Ableton Live 10.

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Non-Stationary Birch

An ambient track like a standing wave. A song for a birch.

Setup: Log of wood & Piezos, Cymbal & Hydrophone, EWI, HyveSynth, Ableton Push, Waldorf 4-Pole Filter, Strymon BigSky, Lexicon MX200.

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Piano Shredder

Music for a theatre play at Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (DE).
Listen to this shredded piano…

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End of Piano

Music for a theatre play at Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (DE).
A piano gets a very special sound treatment…

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