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My name is Ansgar Silies, I’m a professional theatre designer but music has always been my passion. I play the saxophone since I was a kid. I started on Alto but also played the Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax and Baritone Sax in several bands and orchestras during school time. Later I learned to play the piano and the electric bass. Some years ago I focused on electronic music which took me to the Akai EWI which I still love to play. During my studies for scenography I learned a lot about sonic arts. I created my first sound installations and composed music.

Lausche… uhm… what??

The term LAUSCHEKAMMER is a combination of two german words.
„Lauschen“ means „to listen to“ in a very poetic way and „Kammer“ is a chamber. So LAUSCHEKAMMER translates into something like „listening chamber“ and combines my true passion: sound and space.

I love to listen carefully and intensely. I want to be as close to the sound as possible. Last but not least I’m deeply interested in the spatial use of sound and music.