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Kategorie: Field Recording

Broken Spring Piano

Eine frühmorgendliche Aufnahme, in der ich ein sehr verstimmtes, mit Gummi und Federn präpariertes Klavier spiele. Mir gefiel der Klang der Vögel im Hintergrund, also habe ich das Fenster offen gelassen.
Die kleine Liveaufnahme ist nur mit EQ und Kompressor ein wenig in Form gebracht, ansonsten unbearbeitet.

An early morning recording of me playing my completely detuned, prepared upright piano (springs, rubber). I liked the sound of birds in the background, so I left my studio window open.
Live recording, just slightly EQ’ed and compressed in Ableton Live.

Zimmermann Upright Piano prepared with strings and rubbers, AKG C214, Zoom H5, MotU Ultralite, Ableton Live 10.

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Non-Stationary Birch

Ein Ambient Track wie eine stehende Welle. Ein Lied für einen Birkenbaum.

An ambient track like a standing wave. A song for a birch tree.

Log of wood & Piezos, Cymbal & Hydrophone, EWI, HyveSynth, Ableton Push, Waldorf 4-Pole Filter, Strymon BigSky, Lexicon MX200.

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Holzklotz mit Anhang

A wooden log is used as a music instrument. Every sound you hear is produced by a wooden log, some splinters and small sticks of wood. I used piezos and a hypercardoid microphone to record these sounds and then arranged them to tiny techno rhythms in Ableton Live.

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Magnetic iMac

A recording of an iMac’s Circuits.
I used two coil pickup microphones and a Zoom H5 Recorder for this recording. With Photoshop I marked the good sounding „hot spots“ on a white canvas and moved the pickups around these hot spots.


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A Recording of my sound installation „Mimikry“ at Kunstzentrum Koppelschleuse, Meppen (DE).

Sounds of waterdrops and some single tones from the Goldberg Variations trigger the brass material of the cymbals. Any Reverb you can hear is produced by the cymbal material itself.

Gear used:
100 Cymbals on wooden stands
5 transducers
WavePlayer 8

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A recording of my installation „Töpfermusik“ at Landkreis Grafschaft Bentheim, Nordhorn (DE).
The sound of crows gathering and flying around in circles at dusk is played on a prepared grammophone cabinet.

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The sound of my installation „Baumhaus“ at Museum Schloss Clemenswerth. You can hear the deep, rumbling sounds inside a tree during a stormy night.

Recorded with a hydrophone on a Zoom H4.

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