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Mogees vs. BoomBalls

The feedback produced by a Mogees pickup and a Mighty Boom Ball turns a cardboard box into a little motor. Turn your volume down, the sound might be a bit harsh… 😉

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A quick, rough and slightly funky track by Lauschekammer.

Gear used:
Alto Saxophone
Nord Piano 5HP
Teenage Engineering PO-32
Moog Model 15 Software Synth
Strymon BigSky Reverb
NI Scarbee PreBass
Ableton Live 9


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Holzklotz mit Anhang

A wooden log is used as a music instrument. Every sound you hear is produced by a wooden log, some splinters and small sticks of wood. I used piezos and a hypercardoid microphone to record these sounds and then arranged them to tiny techno rhythms in Ableton Live.

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Piano Shredder

Music for a theatre play at Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (DE).
Listen to this shredded piano…

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End of Piano

Music for a theatre play at Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (DE).
A piano gets a very special sound treatment…

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Magnetic iMac

A recording of an iMac’s Circuits.
I used two coil pickup microphones and a Zoom H5 Recorder for this recording. With Photoshop I marked the good sounding „hot spots“ on a white canvas and moved the pickups around these hot spots.


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Cardboard Cocoons

Sound of an installation. Two cardboard objects are communicating with each other. Electronic sounds are turned into some kind of animal-like voices.

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Ungestümes Ungetüm

A huge industrial coal-mine-monster is coming back to live again.
Sound installation at Zeche Zollverein, Essen. Opening Ceremony of RUHR.2010 (European Capital of Culture 2010).

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A Recording of my sound installation „Mimikry“ at Kunstzentrum Koppelschleuse, Meppen (DE).

Sounds of waterdrops and some single tones from the Goldberg Variations trigger the brass material of the cymbals. Any Reverb you can hear is produced by the cymbal material itself.

Gear used:
100 Cymbals on wooden stands
5 transducers
WavePlayer 8

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